Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bonny Scotland

Hello peeps, I am still alive ! Just!!!! I am in Scotland on my own at the mo,
so yesterday morning got the bus to Port William to buy supplies.
Went to catch bus back but couldn't make head nor tail of time table so I
asked a local. "Och hen the next bus isn't till 4 o'clock" she said with a smile,
whereby a chap said "Och nay there's one at 12.45", the time was 10.15.
Mmmm only two and a half hours to wait then. So had to walk the three miles
back with me hefty shopping bag a dodgy knee, a frozen shoulder, and a hip
thats letting me know it needs replacing in the not too distant future.
I thought the locals are a friendly lot maybe someone will stop and offer me
a lift? --------Alas no! --- When I got back a long hour later and saw what
walking along the rugged, narrow, coastline, and dodging various large farm
vehicles, and the very brisk wind had done to me, I can honestly say I don't
blame them.      I LOVE SCOTLAND!!

Ha ha, thanks for reading my moan, I am going to try and make a card with
my limited crafty bits, and when hubby returns I will be giving him a list of
things I neeeeeeeeeed.

Lottie x