Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hi peeps,
A couple of months ago a friend made a post on Face Book saying she
would make something for any one who commented on her post. The
rules were you had to repost and the the gift had to be something hand
made by yourself and be given by the end of 2012. A pay it forward
kind ot thing.Any way as I have commented before my friends don't do
crafting, however I received two comments one from my friend Helen
who thought it was a good idea, but didn't want to take part, and the
other comment was from my son who is in Australia backpacking.

Soooo on my work-desk today is an envelope tag book I am making
for Helen (she did make a comment after all) and it is her birthday
 next week.
I have nearly finished covering the envelopes with papers from MME, and EP
Then I will make all the tags, and add some decoration.
I'm also going to use the Donna Salzer creative tabs dies. The little
purple thing stood up at the back of the pic  is a mini tag book made
from one sheet of 12x12 paper, though it's not finished yet.
I have a reasonable sized amount of work space, but usually end up working
in an ever decreasing space of about about a foot square lol.
Love the colour of that Cerise felt, I'm going to  have a go at die cutting
it into some flowers.
I love the idea of the pay it forward and am looking forward to receiving
my handmade surprise from my FB friend, she makes fab cakes so
fingers crossed. As for my son, I haven't thought of what I could make
and send him yet, any suggestions ladies n gents ?
Happy crafting
Lottie x