Friday, 28 March 2014

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2014 - March

Hello peeps,

Well here we are once again, t!m tag time. 
I decided to make both of t!ms tags, the full strength first generation stamped tag is on the left and the paler second generation tag is on the right. I love the Bird Feather stamps, the nest is so detailed and stamps wonderfully.
 I followed t!ms tutorial here  but if I'm honest I'm not too sure  I like my efforts, to me the first tag looks too "grubby" ? I think maybe I over spritzed it. And the second tag is too "wishy washy"? 
I know what your going to say, "that's the nature of second generation stamping". Mmm, don't know, maybe I over smudged it,  or maybe I'm just too critical of my own work.
I didn't have t!ms word bands, so used silver card and stamped a couple of word stamps from Debbi Moore, then die cut with the Spellbinder double ended tag die. My stapler wouldn't go through the tag so I had to put them in manually a bit faffy but it worked. I don't have any of t!ms tissue tape (shock horror!) so with the "wishy washy tag" I stamped onto some Scotch magic tape, which I thought turned out pretty good but after sticking it down you can't really tell, and looks like I stamped straight onto the tag. On the "grubby" tag I used  some butterfly trim coloured with DI. I also coloured the twine and my raffia ribbon to match.

All in all I really enjoyed the process and the making of these tags, I'm learning new techniques and styles and that is what it's all about, I guess! Oh, and enthusiasm I have lots of enthusiasm, which I have somehow passed on to my daughter lol, she too wanted to have a "play".
So I thought I would share with you her first ever tag.

I LOVE IT !!!  Well done Katie, You see, I told you what would happen when I dragged you round the craft shows with me didn't I !  Love you x

Mmm but wait, there is a down side to this happy union.  Katie told me today she was excited to think that all my craft stash would be hers, when I'm...... dead!!!!
Wishing you all a great weekend
Happy Art making
Hugs to all
Lottie x


  1. Oh Lottie, you did give me a good laugh with your final words!! It reminded me of a joke I heard recently - This woman says that she does not want to die before her husband because he would sell all her craft things for what she TOLD him she paid for them....

    Your tags are beautiful and they have turned out exactly as they were meant to. I think it just takes a little time to get used to 'grungy', but stick with it my friend, I think you will love it in time. Your tags are brilliant! And so is your Daughter's tag - well done to her too! Hugs, Anne x

  2. Lottie, you're a crack up and your daughter sounds like a girl after my own heart with her witty honesty! But, hey, what an awesome legacy to leave her and what a great feeling to know Katie will be carrying on the tradition! Her card is bright and fabulous and I love BOTH of yours as well.

    You are, indeed, too critical on yourself. There's them that likes the sharper image (better word than grubby and there's them that likes the softer image (better word than wishy-washy). You see how it's all in the words!!

    Excellent job! Keep up that enthusiasm!! Hugs, Darnell


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