Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WOYWW # 265

It's Wednesday and that means it's WOYWW  which stands for .......
'What's On Your Work desk Wednesday'.
If you too would like to join in the fun then, take a picture of your work desk, table, etc. and share it with lots of other like minded people.
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Hello again desk hoppers,
Well friends that's another week flown by. Last week I read that we are exactly half way to Christmas, Eeek surely not ! now don't get me wrong I love Christmas but I remember when old people used to say  "ee bah gum these years don't half fly by when  tha gets older" I used to think to myself a years a year how can they get any shorter? I hate to say it but I now know exactly what they meant !!
Anyway enough of Christmas, let me show you what's on my desk.
First off I received another ATC, this is from Kay @
Thank you Kay, love your butterfly girl ATC and the lovely card ( which yes I am sure I will use) and also the feathers from Poppy the parrot which match the colour of the bird on the card to a T.
My T!m tag for June is at the back of my desk as I only just finished it this Monday, think my nickname should be 'last minute Lottie' ! Everything else on my desk is for a card I am making for my daughter Katie's birthday. I am making a pop up box card and am just trying to decide what to decorate it with, hence the flowers and die cuts. Guess when her birthday is ...............TODAY !!!!!!!
I did present her with this card this morning

She thinks 'last minute lottie' suits me

So I had best get off and finish her  'Original' one off, handmade with love birthday card, before she returns home.
Oh ! one more thing I just want to wish my bloggy friend Darnell

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope you have a fantabulous day (((((((Mwahh)))))))

Maybe you nice people could hop on by and leave a little birthday happiness too.
I will try to visit your desks but it will probably be in the next few days as we are taking the birthday girl out for a meal this evening.
Have a happy day desk hopping, see ya next time.
Happy Art making
Last minute Lottie x


  1. woooo I love that tag in the back so cool. I see lots of fun good things. Thanks for the peek. Bert 96

  2. Hope you get your pop up box card finished shortly and you have a lovely meal with your daughter tonight. I love the look of those flowers so I'm hoping we'll see them on the finished item. Or maybe it's already done. LOL!
    I'm impressed you found time to post, :-)
    Have a fun week
    Gillian #28

  3. I love feeding your fish:)

    Fab ATCs and I love the coloured flowers on the desk.

    Happy WOYWW Sue 24

  4. Hello Lottie. You made me smile about | Christmas - I too can remember thinking same re time - but it sure does seem to go faster now!!! Hope you got the card finished for your daughter and had a lovely meal. Anne x #32

  5. I too, know the feeling about days passing too quickly...... sigh. Hope the card got finished and that you are having a lovely meal out as I write this! Hugs, Anne xxx

  6. Hi Lottie, love the tag on your desk. That brings back memories hearing you say "ee bah gum these years don't half fly by when tha gets older".
    Although I live in Lincolnshire now, I am originally from Yorkshire and love going home to the village where my mum lives. I hardly know anyone now but love to go shopping and listen to the lovely accents not that I have lost mine completely Lol! I don't think it ever goes it's just a bit different.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #48

  7. I very much like that tag I can see in the background with the butterflys on

  8. "Ee bah gum...if you're Last Minute Lottie then I must be Nearly Never Neesie! hehe ;D
    Gorgeous ATC's and those flowers are going to be stunning on a pop up card.
    Happy crafting and I hope you enjoy your weekend.
    Neesie #61


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