Friday, 18 September 2015

A card for NBUS

Never-Before-Used-Schtuff (Stamps, Dies, EFs, etc.) 

Hello friends and a Happy Friday to you all.
I am whooshing (that's a Darnell-ism as if you didn't know) in today to link up my card with Darnell's of djkardkreations NBUS challenge. If by chance you are wondering who Darnell is and what does NBUS stand for let me explain.
 Darnell is one of the most entertaining bloggers (IMHO) in blog land, she runs a happy, entertaining, fun and witty blog with never a dull moment in sight, and as an added bonus she happily shares her amazing clean and simple style of card making art on an almost daily basis. Add to that the regular photographs she posts of the wonders she sees from her Playhouse and the tall tales she tells of her sidekick and muse, Hammy, who resides there, well aren't you just dying to go check her out ?!
But wait ! I haven't told you about NBUS. 
This is an acronym coined by Darnell and stands for Never-Before-Used-Schtuff and the challenge is to encourage us to use our NBUS from the back of the cupboard - bottom of the draw - top of the wardrobe - under the bed stash and create something with it.
If you want to go check out Darnell and the NBUS challenge click  HERE 
This challenge is massively supported by her many friends (followers) and this time for challenge number 5 has many well known sponsors who are generously donating prizes too. 
The Card
This is my first attempt at using Brusho powder inks and I would  like to thank Eileen Godwin of Eileen's Crafty Zone   for the inspiration to try these powdered inks. Her art work is amazing.

I used :-
Penny Black - Floral Display stencil  (NBUS)
Brusho - Lime Green and Lemon    (NBUS)
Clearley Besotted - Sentiment
I wish I had used a plain white card stock for this card front  instead of  pearlescent.  I don't like the gold sheen of the card with the Brusho colours, also the black ink didn't cover very well on this card, I had to try several different black inks'  and it didn't photograph very well either.
I have a lot to learn, ah well, I know for next time eh !

Congratulations Darnell on your 5th NBUS challenge and the great response it's achieved.
Hey you've even managed to drag me out of the doldrums and make a card. lol
Thanks for stopping by, have a happy weekend  and
Happy Art Making 
Hugs Lottie x 


  1. Gorgeous Brusho background! I haven't tried these yet - they look like fun! Love the image as well!

  2. Your card looks wonderful and never heard of brusho before off to check it out Hugs Nikki

  3. Just had to come over to have a look even though I am on a blog break, this is beautiful and I quite like the gold sheen, it looks wonderful with the bold black!

    It was so lovely to finally get to meet you on Saturday, I still cannot believe we sat next to each other, that was an amazing stroke of luck! I came back to say goodbye but you had gone :(. I hope we get the chance to meet up again sometime and have time for a chat. Elizabeth from Indigo Blu is doing some classes in October so I may try to get to one, I'll let you know if I go, just in case you might be able to make it. Big hugs, Anne xxx

  4. Lovely card Lottie, the black looks so good against those colours.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  5. I think you are too hard on yourself, Lottie! This card is magnificent IMHO! I'm pickled tink that you drove all the way over from Doldrums to join me in the Playhouse! You make all I do so worth it!! Mwah! Seriously, thank you so much for playing in my NBUS Challenge #5 ~ which was so long ago now! I’m sorry that nursing the Mister back to good health has delayed my visit to thank you.

    Thank you, too, for writing a wonderful leaflet about me and my blog. I will be using it in all future advertisement and I will get your payment off in the mail soonest!

    And, wait? Did I know you got to meet the darling Annie Redanne and it went right out of my head?! I don't usually read other people's comments because they make my own go right out of my head, but I knew Annie had been on break so I was pleased to see her here. Then to read that you met each other, wow, that makes me so happy! I do hope you get to meet up again soon!

    Enjoy your day and take care of yourself! And keep up the card making and blogging ~ it's excellent therapy! Love and Hugs, Darnell


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