Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Made but not Blogged !

Hello Blog friends,
I hope you are well and surviving the January blues?! 
January always seems to be a miserable month everything seems so drab once the Christmas decorations are down the presents are put away, people are back at work and wondering how long until the next holidays and the weather decides to give us everything except sunshine.
It's hard to feel motivated by anything! well almost anything as there is always crafting and the excuse to try out the new craft products that father Christmas so thoughtfully left under the Christmas tree. ( only if you were good of course)
So that is how this post came about. I received a new camera and took some practice pics and when I uploaded them to my computer I ended up sorting through all my uploaded pictures and found the following pictures of cards I made for friends but had not put them on my blog.
A lot of people show their favorite makes of the year, so I thought I would post these cards today.
WARNING! picture heavy but not much reading.
Anne of  http://bollyanne.blogspot.co.uk/   and   Darnell of http://www.djkardkreations.com/  you may well recognize some of these lol.


So there you have it, my first post of 2016 showcasing  cards from last year and even a couple from the year before that. 
And here are some of the pictures of the Barron family on Christmas Day

Jim, Rufus and Jasper, Jim is the one with least hair!
Number 1 Son Oliver
Favorite Daughter Katie
 Tree and Rudolf

Stella, Rufus and me
 Santa Stella-me-bobs
He's behind you!

 So now we have come full circle, I  think I need more practice with the camera or at the very least get my subjects to stay still lol.

I hope your January is going well so far 
Thank you for your visit today
Happy Art Making
Hugs Lottie x


  1. I don't think you need any more practice at all Lottie! Your photos are wonderful! I love all of the cards - especially the ones that I own now... you really are a wonderful card maker. Clearly you are an animal lover too, what a lovely bunch they are (the family look pretty good too!). Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post with us. Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Well, shoot, Lottie, you can see I'm very behind in checking in to see if you've posted!! I'm sorry about that and very glad to see that you have been back!

    This post was wonderful! It was a real treat to see all your works of art and, yes, I am the truly fortunate owner of many of these beauties! A lot of them grace the walls of my Playhouse!

    You are doing an excellent job with the camera and how fun to have a new one! I really enjoyed seeing the family photos, too ~ the only thing that would have made that nicer would have been to see your face! And can I just say, wow, but I've never seen floors that clean and shiny!! Love and hugs, Darnell


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